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Products overview

Bopteq is a high precision optical components, metal parts and component, and assembly total solution company, featuring innovative and proprietary manufacturing technologies. Our vertically integrated approach encompasses polishing glass machining and lightweighting, rotational, double sided, and MRF polishing,Various kinds of high precision spherical lens, projector lens, scanner lens, digital camera lens, prism, plano lens,and optical coating solutions,DSC lens unit, mobile lens unit, microscope lens unit ,projector lens unit and motorcar lens unit, scanner lens unit, etc. Bible are very outstanding in big, medium and small spherical lens, tiny spherical lens, plane lens.and the metal parts used in the electronic consumer products and the digital products and the mobile terminal products. We focus in the optical and the relative metal parts and the component. for the mechanical parts, we can offer completed technics such as mold design, mold machining, precision cutting and surface finishing, bopteq is able for most complex frame and high precision parts, specially for thin wall parts, cam curve tubes, optical instruments, decorated parts for photography and optical auxiliaries. 


Mechanical parts

Glass lens component

Plastic Injection