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IR filter & OLPF

Bopteq is the glass lens, professional produce the OLPF, IR cutting filter, glass lens, windows, various kinds of cover glass with the 100 and 10 class cleaning room. we have the advanced optical coating machine, the ultrasonic washing machine, cutting machine and the various inspection equipment… Our products using around your everywhere: cellphone, digital camera, digital video, CCTV system, car camera, city traffic system…


IR Filter can cut-off infrared rays reached to Sensor. By attaching IR Filter to skin on lens unit or holder, it will be able to eliminate an appeared error such as flickering Image while taking a picture. Bopteq’s produces the circle and square filter with each grade of Mega Pixel (20um) and VGA (30 um) with a custom-designing.

Bopteq IR cut-off filter, Sharply cut infrared ray.

optical polishing combined machine coating machine
quartz cutting ultrosonic cleaning cuting machine

Technology Know how:

  • there is the specialist crystal technology: from cutting, polishing, flatness technology, cleaning, coating, combining technology…
  • Angle cutting tolerance improving from +/-0.3’ to +/-0.1’; thickness tolerance improving from +/-0.05 TO +/- 0.025mm, and cutting speed improving from 1.2mm/H to 9mm/H, all by ourself-made Multi-cutting machine.
  • The flatness technology can let the 4 angle and 8 sides be polishing at the same time. And the quality improving about 50%;


Produce capacity

  • OLPF---------------------------------------------3KK/M;
  • Crystal Thermal Diffusion Panel-------------500K/M;
  • Blue thermal Diffusion Panel-----------------100K/M;
  • IR filter-------------------------------------------7KK/M;


OLPF Standard products

Single OLPF
Iterm Standard Special
Size of Substrate Size 1/2sensor 9.2X10.4, 11X12(mm) Customized
1/3sensor 7.3X8.2, 8.2X8.8, 9X10(mm) Customized
1/4sensor 6.5X7.3, 7.3X7.8(mm)  
1/6sensor 5.3X6.0, 5.8X6.3(mm) Customized
Tolerance ±0.1mm -
Thickness/quality Thickness tolerance 0.30±0.02mm  
0.70±0.05mm Customized
Surface roughness ±0.05mm,±0.03mm -
Coating Single coating Reflect 1.5% max./550nm -
Multi coating Reflect 1.0% max./450-650nm -
Chip and dot Under 30um -
Efficiency Scopes 1mm to the side Customized
Reliability (60℃,90%) Two side mult-coating 300H,500H -
IR cut coating 300H Customized


Model Specification Description CCD models
BBF-001 8.8*8.2*1.63 1/3 of a single crystal film 2321/2311 255/405
BBF-002 8.8*8.2*1.63 Day and night 1/3 of a single crystal film 2321/2311 255/405
BBF-003 7.8*7.3*1.22 1/4 of a single crystal film 2421/2411 227
BBF-004 7.8*7.3*1.22 Day and night 1/4 of a single crystal infrared flu tablets 2421/2411 227
BBF-005 8.8*8.2*1.22 1/3 of a single crystal film 2421/2411 227
BBF-006 8.8*8.2*1.22Day and night 1/3 of a single crystal infrared flu tablets 2421/2411 227
BBF-007 8.8*8.2*2.78 1 / 3 double-crystal films 2321/2311 255/405
BBF-008 8.8*8.2*2.78 Day and night 1/3 double-crystal infrared flu tablets 2321/2311 255/405
BBF-009 8.8*8.2*1.08 1/3 of a single crystal film 2361 259/409
BBF-010 8.8*8.2*1.08 Day and night 1/3 of a single crystal infrared flu tablets 2361 259/409
BBF-011 8.8*8.2*2.58 Three-crystal 2361 259/409
BBF-012 8.8*8.2*2.58 Day and night Sense of three-crystal infrared 2361 259/410
BBF-013 8.8*8.2*0.7 Common type of optical glass
BBF-014 8.8*8.2*0.7 Day and night Day and night optical glass type