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Plastic injection

Bopteq injection have 500T injection machine, can do all the even all the camera lens plastic parts, include the lens barrel and the lens cam and other plastic parts. even the plastic, we all can do for the lens. By the high precision diamond milling machine, we can do the plastic lens injection under 40mm diameter. now we still offer the led injection lens.

Four cavities and 12 cavities one mold


4 cavity 4cavity 12 cavity

Injection workshop

Injection machine is FUNAC from Japan, there is over 40 injection machine, normally the capacity is over 500K pcs injection parts. the injection is from 50T to 500T.

Inspection equipment

Swissland Trioptics Eccentric instrument Tolerhbson aspherical inspeciton equipment Tolerhbson aspherical inspeciton equipment