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Mold capacity

Bopteq have over 10 years for the mold design and the injection. now we can make all kinds of the mold for the optical component and the camera. normally, our injection mold parts used for the consumer electronic products and other products. now we have for 50T ---500T injection machine, Bopteq can offer our cusotmer mold or injection parts all in house, now we cooperate with so many Janpanese customer. By the precision mold requirement, we still have the capacity for plastic lens mold design and injection.that is high precision for our customer with lower price.

Processing machine for Mold

1 DMG CNC 2 Germany X/Y/Z/U 5axisesRev:18000/min; tolerance:±0.0001mm.
2 OKUMA CNC 1 Japan X/Y/Z 3 axisesRev:20000/min tolerance:±0.005mm.
3 Agma CNC 1 Taiwan X/Y/Z 3axisesRev:8000/min; tolerance:±0.01mm.
4 Sodick EDM 2 Japan X/Y/Z/U 4 axises EDMtolerance:±0.005mm
5 SodickAgie) WC 1 Japan X/Y/U/V 4 axises WCtolerance:±0.002mm
1 swissland X/Y/U/V 4 axises WCtolerance:±0.001mm
6 STUDRE OUTER POLISHING MCAHINE 1 swissland concentricity0.001mm
7 Ag EDM 2 China X/Y/Z/W 3 axises EDMtolerance:±0.01mm
8 Okamoto 1 Japan tolerance:0.1µmraughness:±0.0015mm
9 TOSHIBA Milling 1 Japan X/Y/Z 3 axisestolerance:±0.0001mm
10 More grading machine 2 USA X/Y/U tolerance:0.002mm

Mold inspection equipment