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Bopteq is a global leader in optical glass lens polishing and optical mechanical parts and surface treatment technologies that enable utility and the DSLR and the imaging device industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. With about 10,000 employees we are coverage to customers in around 30 countries.
With our technology leadership, global presence, application knowledge and local expertise, we offer glass lens, prism, optical window, mechanical precision parts, milling, machining, lathe, stamping, casting, painting and coating, and the security lenses, SLR lenses assembly and more, solutions and services that allow our customers to improve their products performance. Focusing on our core strengths in glass lens polishing and lenses metal parts and automation technologies, we strive for organic profitable growth. Our manufacturing base ensures consistent top-quality products. – for customers around the world. Our customers have broad and easy access to Bopteq’s offerings - whether they buy from us or through agents, 

Our people work together seamlessly to deliver benefits for our customers. Our way of doing business is values-based, leadership-driven and performance-oriented. 

The following is the long term planing:
  • Focus on the customer's benefit.
  • Continuce to improve the mechanical parts technology improving.
  • Continuce to improve the optical component and assembly technology.
  • Continuce to rising employee's ability.