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Purchase ethics

Together, by the ideas, we will build a beautiful future...

for our clients and the supplier, we all are win-win coopeation. at our mission, we hope to get the better and long strategic cooperate with our supplier.


Fairness & Transparency

  • Pursuitfairness in determining all purchasing activities( price,terms &conditions etc.)
  • Requesting or accepting unreasonable favors shall not be tolerated

Rationality & Trust

  • Base all purchasing decisions on objective facts-be responsible for such decision.
  • Restraint from impulsive language, and always pursuit for rational resolutions.

Speedy & costreduction

  • understand theimportance of "rapid" operation-emphasize prompt & safe purchasing.
  • do the best to contribute to company's bestinterest.

Customer satisfaction & Responsibility

  • Be modest and courtous to both interan and external customers.
  • always pay attention to their needs and find solutions for them.