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Lens polishing

Bopteq is the glass lens , professional produce the OLPF , IR cutting filter, glass lens, mirror, various kinds of cover glass. workshop is over the 1000 class cleaning room. we have the advanced optical coating machine, the ultrasonic washing machine, cutting machine and the various inspection equipment… Our products using around your everywhere: cellphone, digital camera, digital video, CCTV system, car camera, city traffic system…

3 pcs glued lens:soft &hard material, great dilate, accidented glue side,easy deform on aperture
Z cutting lens: changed from inside circle cutting into outside cutting, efficiency comes up 10 times, quality up nearly 50%.
Surface tampon lens:complex shape, high precision on dimension(±0.1), strict for ink hardness

Optical polishing capacity

  • Diameter: Φ1.5-100mm 0.01mm
  • R: R2mm-∞ 0-3 diaphragm
  • Center thickness: 0.5-12mm ±0.03mm
  • △N: 0.2
  • Stage of wear: 40-447
  • Eccentricity: eccentricity 10″ D type, H type, Z type, etc
  • Coating: single layer anti-reflect film wide band reducing reflecting film(400-720nm , Rave<0.8%) infrared cutting off film(Tave≥88%, Rave≤1%) reflect film eliminate partial vibration separating light film, all types of cutting off film

Polishing workshop and washing machine


Coating and centering workshop

Bopteq produce custom Linear single-mode or multi-mode fiber arrays with angle polished end silicon v-grooves.Polished Construction Features: Silicon v-grooves, Durable multi-layer dielectric coatings,low absorption characteristics,environmentally-stable,robust and easy-to-clean. Please specify: Number of fibers, pitch, wave length, type of fiber, and polishing angle.ends are AR Coated. Multi-layer,all dielectric AR coatings are applied for peak performance at specified wave lengths in 1350 to 1650 nm range. Applications: Optical switches, attenuators, optical Isolators,R&D, etc. We produce actively aligned, rugged, lensed fibers with Durable multi-layer. 

AR Coated Lensed Fibers We produce actively-aligned,rugged, lensed fibers with Durable, multi-layer Dielectric coatings on the spherical lens. Overall dimensions of Zr-sleeve is -10.5 mm long and OD+3.2 mm. Standard fiber length is 1 meter. Construction Features: Durable multi-layer dielectric coatings, low absorption characteristics, environmentally-stable, robust and easy-to-clean. Each piece is optically actively aligned.

Muti-Band Filter in Penal Reconnaissance
Substrate: Pyrex, Fused silicon
FWHM: 30nm
Transmittance in stop band:<0.0001%
slope: OD6~50%<25nm
Item: 365,415,450,470,490,505,530,555,570,590,610nm
Common size: diameter 21.2mm, 25mm,55mm
Material: Hard coating
Work wavelength: Depends on requirement
Transmittance in pass band and rejection band:Depends on requirement