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Bopteq is a lens and the camera maker, for over 40 years camera and lens made experience, we have over 40 years experience to produce the accessories, it is our know how. and we have the experience to made the molding and the metal parts for the optical zoom lens. for the lens hood, we have series products match canon ,Nikon,...
Now Bopteq foucs the following OEM:
  • DSLR camera lenses;
  • Conversion lens;
  • Security lenses;
  • Scanner lens;
  • Object ocular;

DSLR camera lenses:

Bopteq, now we OEM the DSLR camera lens with 50mm, 28-70mm,70-210mm and other optical lense. by the mechanical parts and the optical glass lens polishing is processed and assemlby in house, we can offer a very reasonable price for our customer. by the over 10 years assembly experience, we can give theadvice to our customer to improve the design and let the lens have a good performace.

Conversion Lens for digital camera and comcord

we can offer the 0.45X , 0.5X , 3.0X, 0.22X...
0.5x the thread size is :37mm,46mm,52mm,58mm,72mm
2.0x the thread size is :37mm,46mm,52mm,58mm,
3.0x the thread size is :37mm,52mm,58mm,
4.0x the thread size is :37mm
0.22x the thread size is :52mm,58mm
0.43x the thread size is :37mm

Scnanner lens assembly

Now Bopteq assemlby the scanner lens sets is used for the indurstry scanner, we got the drawing and then communicate with our clients, then start to produce. by the elns high quality requirement, now we can inspect all the lens one by one and 100% inspection.

Sports device lens assembly