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Bopteq is technologically prepared for CNC machining in range of small, medium and large series. Within the wide range of services we also offer mechanical complexes realization and assembly. Technical CAD/CAM software enables us comprehensive, flexible and complex cooperation with our contractors. Our skills, competences and efficient help to solve technical problems of our clients have been confirmed by successful realizations of projects in range of series production and external audits.
We hold out services basing on constructional documentation provided by client, and also on the basis of documentation created in our own constructional-technical office as a result of production mapping.
Experiences achieved in the field of long-term contacts with research centers and colleges, enable us to satisfy regularly increasing market requirements and its dynamic changes.

Our total solutions include the R&D capacity and all parts produce solution for DSLR camera lens and other optical device parts...

R&D for optical lenses

Bopteq is a company which professional in developing and producing optical and electric products. The products are applied in phone camera, digital camera, DV and Vehicle camera, security camera and other field. Bopteq could provide not only OEM service, but also individualization optical design (ODM) and integration resolution for customers quickly. We have a sufficient staffs, with over 15 years experience R&D team with continuous creation ability which can provide higher quality  products and excellent technology and good service. 
We expect to establish win-win cooperation pattern with our customers through sincerity and concentration on job , professional products and satisfaction service for the need of customers with quick reaction.        

Optical component solutions

  • Glass lens polishing;
  • Prism polishing;
  • Optical windows;
  • Optical coating;
  • Cylinder lens polishing;

Mold design and made

  • high precision mold design;
  • lens cam tube mold design;
  • plastic lens 24 cave design;
  • under 1000 T injection machine;

Mechanical parts solution

  • milling;
  • machining;
  • turning;
  • stamping;
  • casting;
  • surface treatment;

Assembly solution

  • DSLR lens assembly
  • Scanner lens assembly
  • microscope assembly
  • electronic level assembly
  • camera assembly
  • shutter assembly
  • other electronic products assembly