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Surface treatment technology

All camera lenses as have evolved to capture the moment better. We take this mechanism for granted, but it achieves its results at the expense of true optical fidelity. Unless, that is, you use the only camera lenses in the world designed for high image quality that makes no compromises at all: the mechanical parts zoom system. With your design and our mechanical technology, none of the optical data is lost. And by the high technology surface treatment, let the consumer have the better feeling from the outlook of the best surface treatment.

Surface treatment solutions 

  • Anodized for AL, Brass, Iron;
  • Planting;
  • Printing;
  • Spray painting and coating, plastic coating
  • Silk print, moving print

1,Al anodized oxidation

  • Al anodized black
  • Al anodized black, sliding
  • Al anodized black, matte
  • Al clear anodized
  • Al Die-casting anodized

Anodized samples:

  • Types of Al anodized oxidation:
  • Black anodized, clear anodized
  • Black anodized with extinction
  • Sand surface anodized
  • Die-cast Al anodized.  

Al anodized oxidation data

  • Shine and color:bright, semi-bright black, sand surface with white or black. Suitable material:5A05、6061、2A12 and so on.
  • Dimension control during oxidation: black oxidation directly add 3-6μm; black oxidation with extinction add 3-6μm; sand surface black oxidation ±10 μm; die-cast parts black oxidation add1-3μm;
  • Temperature without color different <200℃
  • Time with ultraviolet radiation tolerant:> 100H
  • Time for salt mist test :>200H

The tooling for anodized:


2,Brass oxidation and Iron oxidation

black anodized with ammonia
black anodized with extinction
Iron oxidation (blue)
Iron oxidation (blue)


Types of plating:

  • plating brass-acid plating;
  • plating gold: chemical plating, electrical plating ;
  • plating nickel: dark nickel, bright nickel, semi-bright nickel, black nickel;
  • plating chromium: decorated chromium, hard chromium;
  • plating zinc: colorful zinc, white zinc;

plating Zinc
plating Nickel
planting Deorated chromium
plating Golden
4,Spray painting,coating and Plastic coating

Types of spray painting: many semi-bright paint, colorful paint, many calm bright paints, black without brightness paints;

Colorful orange texture paint

Colorful orange texture paint

semi-bright paint

Calm bright paint

5,Silk print, moving print

  • Types of silk print:
  • plane silk print,
  • curve silk print ,
  • Move print :
  • plane move print,
  • curve move print


6,Inspection equipment