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Projector lens parts

Bopteq's capacity for the projector include the optical lens zoom cam, and the projector body casting parts. for the bigger size normally over 500mm with the part of painting. some of the customer need the sand blasting, for the lens barrel need the black anodized.

Zoom lenses cam parts

For the big diameter zoom lens cam, normal the diameter from 35mm to 290mm, and the high is from 30-350mm, we still can assembly the mechanical parts together and then to our clients. for the cam barrel, in order to cost down, we can use the casting first, and use the CNC turning and CNC machining or milling to reach the precision.


Die casting parts for Porjector optical engine

The materials come as ADC10、ADC12、A380、A360、ZZnAl4—1 。
All the Al. and zinc ingots are purified.
The reflex centering melting stove could satisfy the demand.
We could purchase the appointed material.
Professional staff and equipment. the staff will be trained constantly and kept skillful.Investment casting parts used in Microscope, water level, camera, projector, automobile safety belt, embroidery and so on.