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Low carbon management
Low Carbon Policy
This policy supports the bopteq’s Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Policy.
Bopteq embraces the Department of Environment and Climate Change strategy for low carbon industry in the CN and is committed to becoming a Low Carbon Business through its policies and procedures and to achieve the objectives set by the Energy Efficiency Scheme. 
The achievement of the Carbon Trust Standard in 2008 provided an independent validation of the Company’s reduction in carbon consumption and helps to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to reducing our emissions year on year and moving towards being a sustainable business.
The company strives to maintain best practice, seeking continuous improvement and innovation within all businesses and activities. This is achieved by reviewing the Key Performance Indicators, the setting of objectives and targets and the implementation of its Health, Safety and Environment management systems, with the CN based businesses certified to BS EN ISO 14001:2004.
This policy will be delivered by raising awareness and gaining the commitment of management, employees and other stakeholders, and will be implemented through Bopteq’s HS&E Management Systems.
Energy and Fuel Policy
Bopteq’s policy is to: measure and control fuel and energy consumption; identify and act on opportunities to improve energy efficiency, and reduce both financial and energy waste, thus maximising profits and reducing the company’s adverse impact on the environment.
As part of our environmental strategy, we are committed to the efficient management of energy and fuel consumption and will practice energy efficiency throughout all our premises, and of our vehicles, plant and equipment, wherever it is cost effective and provide for efficient manufacturing and conversion processes to reduce resource waste.
The company Chief Executive has lead responsibility for policy implementation within the company and this policy is signed by the CEO to demonstrate the Board’s commitment. This policy has also been adopted by the Board of Directors of each CN operating company.
This policy is provided to all employees through the induction process and is posted on the Bopteq’s intranet. It is available to other stakeholders through bopteq website: www.bopteq.com. Information regarding the Bopteq’s performance is published in the annual report.
Bopteq aims to:
·Reduce energy consumption across the business through a range of actions, including; improving the measurement process, energy awareness and switch off campaigns; selection of energy efficient plant and equipment, and energy auditing.
·Reduce fuel consumption through; the selection of fuel efficient vehicles, a routine maintenance programme to ensure ongoing efficiency, fewer journeys through inter-company cooperation and vehicle sharing, awareness and training programmes.
·Reduce embedded carbon in our products by reducing waste and efficient fuel and vehicle use.
·Minimise water consumption through recycling and recovery of water in manufacturing processes and providing water efficient welfare facilities.
Energy Management activities are subject to periodic reviews through the internal HS&E audit team, Low Carbon Committee meetings and annual review in preparation for inclusion in the annual report. This Policy will be reviewed annually as part of the Management Review process.